Take your practice from ‘Earth to Air’, connect with others and explore trust, play and communication in a fun and supportive environment.

Georgia is Victoria’s first qualified AcroVinyasa teacher and can give you all the tools you need to succeed at this amazing practice.

You do not need to bring a partner to participate and the workshop will be suitable for all levels. 



If getting drunk and watching strippers isn't really your thing (I def don't blame you) why not celebrate this milestone moment with your closest girlfriends more mindfully? Georgia loves creating memorable and magical experiences and works with chefs, florists and event hire companies to create a custom experience for you. 

She can run a women's circle with meditation, a mellow Yoga class, a guided beach walk or anything that you are dreaming of.

Get in touch today to make this a magical day to remember (not a silly night to forget!) 


There's nothing more sacred than that beautiful time just before a new baby arrives. Georgia is passionate about nurturing and supporting Mums in their pregnancy journey and loves creating a beautiful experience to honour this time in life. 
She can facilitate a 'blessingway' which is an intimate gathering of you and some of your closest girlfriends where you eat delicious healthy food, write letters to the baby, pamper yourself, tune in to yourselves and each other and practice some super relaxing Yoga and meditation.  

Georgia has had two beautiful home births, specialises in Prenatal Yoga and is incredibly inspired by the pregnancy journey. She would love to support you at this beautiful time. 



Yoga is a fantastic way for you and your baby to relax, connect and play. This workshop will go through various ways to stimulate your baby, helping with coordination and cognitive function. Georgia will also demonstrate ways that you can exercise with your baby post pregnancy in order to assist with your recovery and build strength and stamina. Book for your Mother's Group!


This workshops is for people who are dealing with ongoing chronic or acute back and/or neck stiffness or pain. Through modified restorative Yoga poses, you can find much needed relief from these symptoms and learn practical techniques to assist you with managing these complaints. The workshops will offer Yoga techniques to build strength and stability around the spine as well as safely improving range of movement to relieve tension and pain.  Through Yoga you can improve your posture, body alignment, breathing, stress management, flexibility and strength. As Yoga guru Bikram Choudry says “Healthy spine, healthy life.” 


Build strength, challenge yourself, change your perspective and connect to your playful side as you experiment with arm balances and inversions. In this workshop Georgia will go through the foundations of this practice, techniques for balance and stability and share her personal tips and tricks for success. Georgia has a background in gymnastics, has done her Acro and 500 hour advanced training as well as being a self professed 'handstand addict' so this is a practice she is very passionate about sharing with her students. We will have the opportunity to work through many exciting and interesting inversions and learn to protect ourselves from injury whilst balancing on our hands. 


A fun, dynamic and relaxing workshop, helping teens deal with all the demands of modern life in a supportive environment. This workshop will offer opportunities for reflection and meditation, whilst staying engaging, challenging and interactive. This workshop is tailored to the energy and physical needs of this age group with basic fun Yoga poses for strength, flexibility and relaxation. This non-competitive practice and exploration will help teens find balance and ease in their daily challenges of school. sports social groups and life. 



Help your work team destress, refocus, relax and reconnect in a corporate specific Yoga workshop. Georgia has worked with many professionals and they have all reported massive improvements in energy, outlook, productivity and stress management. Whether its a fun Christmas party or a relaxing meditation class contact Georgia to create a specific workshop or program for your workplace.