5 tips for Inner Wellness during Coronavirus

I know that this can be quite an overwhelming time and there is a lot of talk about everything that is happening externally- the environments we're in, the actions we take and the people we engage with. I definitely agree it is important to be aware of all of this, but it is equally important to think about our inner state of health.

Stress is one of the biggest threats to our immune systems. So...

Here are 4 simple tips to reduce stress and help you feel healthier from the inside out.

1. Get out in the sunshine and get some fresh air. Isolating ourselves doesn't mean staying cooped up indoors and scrolling on our phones all day. Put your bare feet on the earth, open up all your windows, read a book in the sun and move your body.

2. Get quality sleep. Reading stressful Facebook posts till all hours of the night will NOT solve any of the world's problems. Put your phone on airplane mode, put on some fresh sheets, lower the lights from sunset onwards, infuse some essential oils and make sleep and treat not a chore.

3. Move and nourish your body. Why is it that all the toilet paper and drugs are sold out but the health food aisle is still full? Use this situation as a reminder to nourish yourself. Drink lots of filtered water, eat food that is in season or organic produce and avoid preservatives, additives and sugar. Keep your body moving as this will assist your respiratory system and help eliminate toxins. Check out my free class below or simply do a few rounds of Sun Salutations to get the breath and body flowing.

4. Practice inner sanitisation. Yes, please wash your hands (weren't we all doing that anyway?!) But don't let toxicity creep into your inner environment either. Disengage from negative conversations, stay away from relationships that create stress, choose to engage in media that is inspiring and educational, clean out your home and reduce clutter. Open up the windows and light some incense or sage. Practice gratitude over fear. Cleanse your mind and body.

Health is so much more than what happens around us. Let's do all we can do look after ourselves, look after each other and stay calm and grounded at this time of uncertainty.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns or just want to check in.

'We are all one, we are all the same'...so let's stay kind and open to each other.


Georgia xxo

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