5 tips for a better sleep

Do you ever go to bed with your mind racing or wake up in the morning feeling completely exhausted? Check out these top tips for a more restful rest.

1. Put your phone away

It has been proven that looking at artificial light on our phone before going to sleep messes with our natural circadian rhythm by tricking our eyes into thinking it's daylight. This makes us overstimulated and alert despite our body feeling exhausted. So put the phone in a different room and lower the lights and notice how you feel more naturally tired sooner.

2. Legs up the wall

Scoot your bottom right up to the wall and lie on your back with your legs elevated above you. This is amazing for your circulation system by naturally taking pressure off the heart and helps us to feel still and relaxed. I recommend doing this with your hands on your belly to connect to your breath.

3. Make it special

So often we rush through our morning coffee, rush through our job, rush through our conversations, rush home, rush through our dinner, then crash into bed without a moment to ourselves. By taking even 5 minutes for ourselves before sleep it helps us to reconnect and relax. Some of my favourite things to do is infuse some essential oils, play some calming music, light a candle or give myself a foot massage. It's like a little gift to myself and makes such a difference to how I fall asleep.

4. Wring out the day

Lie on your back with one leg extended and bend the other knee and cross it over your chest. This supine twist is amazing for your digestion, your lower back and your neck and shoulders. I like to imagine I'm 'wringing' out my day, my toxic thoughts or tensions in my body like I'm squeezing out a wet cloth.

5. Be conscious of your thoughts

It's said that the last thing you think of before you sleep is what you manifest in your dreams and project into your next day. So are you spending the last moments of your day flicking through Instagram accounts that make you feel insecure, or replaying an uncomfortable conversation in your mind making up a negative story? Is this really what you want to project into your experience the next day? If not, switch up this feeling by writing a gratitude list, reading something positive and inspiring or simply taking some deep breaths with a little smile across your face. Watch your life change as you do this every day!

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