How are you BEING?

I used to think a ‘good’ weekend was one where I had some impressive itinerary of catchups and events that filled up every moment. But now I have a lot more appreciation for the beauty of the little moments.

For open spaces and slower times where I’m not really ‘doing’ anything but I am IN the moment. It’s hard though to answer people when they say ‘What did you get up to on the weekend?’ Ummm... I gazed down at my baby with adoration, I sipped a cup of tea sitting in the sun from the window, I drove to nowhere in particular just to finish a great conversation with my partner. It hasn’t quite got the same ring to it as ‘a fancy lunch out at a winery.’ Instead these little moments tend to get condensed down ‘Oh nothing much’ and we think of them as insignificant bits of nothing while we’re waiting for the STUFF to happen. But really, aren’t these moments of pure presence everything? So no matter what you’re DOING this weekend, what I want to know is how are you BEING?

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