What if we DON'T?

Scared of change? NOT changing is way scarier!

My Mum has always been great at nervously asking me “but…What if?”

In her defense, I certainly haven’t played by the rules in my 27 years. I bought a house at age 21, mortgaged it off, quit my job and moved to Bali for 7 months at age 24, at age 25 I started my own Yoga business and then found out I was pregnant! So the “What if” question has certainly been important in keeping me grounded and logical and not ending up broke, homeless and dripping with children.

Despite this, I feel there is way too much emphasis on the “What if” question and not nearly enough on the far more exciting and life changing question…”What if I don’t?” What will happen if I DON’T quit my job and start my own business, if I DON’T take that trip I always dreamed of to Greece, if I DON’T move to my dream home where I can see the beach, if I DON’T break up with my ‘reliable’ partner of 25 years? What happens if we DON’T trust our instincts? In my opinion, this risk is way scarier.