Lessons from Bali

I recently had the pleasure of spending 5 days back in Ubud, Bali (which is where I previously lived for 7 months. )

It was so refreshing to be back in this epicentre for healing and wellness and it reminded me to take notice of some of the areas I have neglected recently. As a Mum, sometimes I can fool myself into believing I’m a hero if I’m constantly busy and putting myself last, but nothing could be further from the truth. My time in Bali helped me get some energy back, reconnect and refocus on what’s really important in life.

Here is what I learned whilst sipping coconuts in amongst the rice fields…

-Practice gratitude every damn day. The Balinese have a beautiful tradition where they make an ‘offering’ to the Gods thanking them for all they have been blessed with. In this offering they give back the elements of life that sustain them. There is a bit of food (perhaps a biscuit or some rice), something from nature like a flower, incense for fire and then they sprinkle water over the top. The Balinese make an offering at least 5 times a day and during this time they close their eyes, meditate and give thanks. You see this everywhere you go in Bali, even in front of the most dingy shack like shop front, the people are still so grateful for what they have in life