Lessons from a pidgeon

The funny thing about this pose is to ‘get’ it you pretty have to feel like you’re about to face plant.

But you know what? Just at the moment you think you’re going head first into the floor for sure something amazing happens… The back leg becomes weightless and voila! You’re a graceful little Eka Pada Galavasana -one legged flying pigeon it looks better than the name sounds I promise! (Then, in my experience you’re so blown away that you’re actually in the pose you face plant out of shock! Haha.)

But it’s a good lesson in fear. Maybe that same fear is telling you that if you ask the guy you’ve liked for years on a date he’ll reject you in the most publicly embarrassing way possible.

Maybe that fear is telling you if you quit your sucky job and go for your dream career they’ll tell you you’re not good enough and you’ll end up jobless and poor.

Maybe that fear is telling that if you buy the house of your dreams you’ll end up bankrupt and miserable?


But maybe it all works out OK?

Who really knows? All we know is we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take and even if we do end up rejected, jobless, poor and with a shmooshed in face it’s still better than being a one legged pigeon who can’t fly!

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