Giving up

Just coming out of an all nighter with this little party animal and she has ZERO interest in sleeping it off now.

I tried classical music, I tried walking her around, I tried heater on, I tried white noise, I tried dark rooms, I tried swaddling her, I tried just leaving her in her cot… But every time, these eyes were looking back at me.

So…I gave up! And what a RELIEF that was. So what if she doesn’t ‘sleep through the night’? She’s a little living human being not a machine with an operating manual. And in that moment when I stopped trying to force her to be a certain way and instead tuned into HER energy, suddenly everything was actually fine. Yes I’ve got a few more bags under my eyes than usual but that’s what make up and coffee and pranayama is for right?

As humans we get so focused on ‘fixing people’ and can get personally affronted when somebody does not want to change. We might give someone a piece of relationship advice and then be shocked when they don’t immediately change their ways. We might decide to organise a certain social event and can’t believe it when somebody might not be interested in coming along. We might start a new health routine and can’t believe it when our friends still stick to their old ways. Well here’s a little bit of an epiphany I had at about 4am this morning… Just give up! It’s hard enough to change our own ways let alone ‘fix’ someone else.

And when it comes to a 5 month old tiny human, it’s even more pointless. Just let people be themselves. Be kind to them, support them, encourage them, hug them, but don’t try to change them. We’re all doing our best after all. And so now, (with the help from my friend caffeine) I’m going to stop trying to force this one to sleep and just enjoy her awesome company. Just don’t trust me around any heavy machinery today. I’ll be found on the floor next to my bright eyed little buddy.

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