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Georgia has been practicing yoga for over 16 years and is passionate about sharing this empowering and transformative practice. She has trained and taught internationally receiving a 500 hour qualification from Yoga Alliance and a 100 hour AcroVinyasa certificate form Yoga Beyond. 

She has a background in classical ballet, gymnastics, music theory and Music performance and fuses all of this into creative, flowing classes with a deep focus on philosophy. 


She has also worked as a Chiropractic Assistant for over 12 years and is really aware of Yoga as a healing art and how to adapt this practice for all bodies. She has worked one on one with hundreds of students to help them create specific Yoga programs to heal from myriad of mental and physical health conditions. 


Georgia has explored many styles of Yoga and doing everything from dedicated Ashtanga practice and Kundalini practice to competing in a National Bikram Yoga competition! She still loves an inversion or arm balance, but these days her practice is much more philosophically based, grounded and intentional. 

In 2016 Georgia had her first child and really explored the world of prenatal, postnatal and neonatal Yoga which she is still passionate about today. She also used this time to slow down her practice and focus even more on philosophy, Meditation and Pranayama completing several courses in these areas. 


Through her internationally recognised Yoga Teacher Training course, Georgia has graduated over 60 incredible Yoga Teachers and is passionate about sharing this transformational journey with students from all backgrounds, ages and experience. 

She also has worked in the Yoga community for a long time, having run her own studio, teaching in local and international retreats and connecting with people all around the world through her online Yoga platform. She is really dedicated to empowering her students to find their voice through Yoga Teaching and her graduates are now doing everything from chair Yoga, to SUP Yoga, to mental health work. 


Georgia has taught yoga in Bali, Jakarta and India and to people of all ages but now calls the Mornington Peninsula home with her greatest Yoga teachers of all- Isla (4) and Johnny (2.)


She is so honoured and excited to be welcoming in a new group of Yoga Teachers for 2021 and is always open to chat about the experience of Yoga Teacher Training with anyone who may be curious. 


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Trauma aware Yoga and Yoga for disability

Bree has an incredible background in mental health and disability work and currently works in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. She has also trained extensively in disability work and Trauma sensitive Yoga.


Bree is passionate about making every person from every background feel safe and respected so that they too can feel the healing effects of Yoga. 

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Kids Yoga

Emily completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Georgia in her first intake and has taught in many of the top studios in Melbourne ever since. She adores working with children and is greatly passionate about providing young beings with the tools to manage stress and big emotions.


Emily dived deeper into kids yoga completing her kids YTT with Rainbow Kids Yoga whilst also working towards her Honours of Early Years and Primary Education.

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Ian worked as a nurse for over 15 years specialising in emergency care, mental health and geriatic care. After many years in the medical profession he realised that the body's innate intelligence was a much greater force than any drug and dedicated himself to the study of Chiropractic. He has now been helping patients for more than 20 years, runs his own practice where patient's travel to see him from all over the world. He specialises in acute disc care and is well known for his 'miracle' adjustments. He is passionate about Yoga, spirituality and the body's incredible inbuilt intelligence and teaches anatomy with amazing knowledge, context and purpose. 


Meditation and philosophy

Lisa has been teaching Yoga for over a decade and is a 1120 hour accredited Yoga Teacher. She has run two Yoga studios and is also a trained meditation teacher for 1 Giant Mind.


She loves to share practical techniques and lessons for guiding and understanding meditation. She also has an ability to create and hold space for students to experience harmony within themselves and become embodied teachers. She currently facilitates meditation courses, group meditations and teaches philosophical and healing Yoga classes. 

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Mantra Yoga

Originally from New York, Nataraj Chaitanya has been guiding seekers in posture, breath, mantra and meditation for over 15 years.


Nataraj began Yoga at the age of thirteen. Since then he has been studying and practicing Yoga and meditating. In 2009, he began directing Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher training


Prenatal, postnatal and baby Yoga

Amy is a qualified private midwife of 15 years and a beautiful Yoga Teacher.


She has a passion for empowering and educating women to have the safe and informed birth they want and bring their baby into the world as gently and naturally as possible. She has fused these two passions into healing, specific and very nurturing 'Mums and Bubs' classes which she teaches in Mount Eliza. 



Teresa is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Reiki practitioner and a soulful Yoga teacher. She has over 700 hours of Yoga Training qualifications and is passionate about holding space to allow people to heal.


She loves helping people find connection to themselves, others and their environment. Teresa teaches in Yoga Teacher Trainings, runs retreats and deep immersives to help people unwind from the business of everyday life.